“Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?” Filming Locations

Quentin tells the story of their adventure through Fillory in search of a way to defeat the Beast.

Series: The Magicians Season 1, Episode 13
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The Magicians episode "Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

North 40 Dog Park as Trap Tree

Julia and Quentin rescue Jane Chatwin from a trap tree shortly after arriving in Fillory.

Overlynn Mansion as Plover Mansion

The gang enters The Wellspring and finds themselves in Martin's recreation of the mansion.


6742 224 Street as Knife Maker's House

Quentin and Julia visit a knife maker with Martin Chatwin to commission the creation of the knife needed to kill the Beast.


6742 224 Street as Wedding Venue (exterior)

Eliot is married to the knife maker's daughter.

Former Vancouver Zoo (Stanley Park) as Temple of Ember (exterior)

Julia and Quentin explore Ember's temple and later (in the past) they stumble upon it with Martin Chatwin before being interrupted by the Watcherwoman.


6742 224 Street as Fillory Stream

Julia and Quentin walk with Martin Chatwin and explain why they followed Jane into Fillory.

North 40 Dog Park as Martin Chatwin's Grave

The whole gang comes upon the old grave of Martin Chatwin.

North 40 Dog Park as The Castle That Isn't There

Margo and Josh create a distraction so Penny and Alice can sneak into the dungeon.