Movies Filmed at Former Vancouver Zoo

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Part of Stanley Park

The Vancouver Zoo dates back to 1888 when the first superintendent of Stanley Park kept a black bear cub chained to a stump. The zoo grew over the years as more animals were donated until its closure in 1996 when citizens voted to close down the facility. The last remaining structure is the polar bear grotto which was built in 1962 to house Tuk, who was also the final resident of the zoo after it closed until his death in 1997.

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Yacht Club Parking Lot from Primeval: New World
138 m

Malkin Bowl from The Flash
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Vancouver Aquarium from Psych and 15 other movies.
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The Magicians

Temple of Ember (exterior)

Julia and Quentin explore Ember's temple and later (in the past) they stumble upon it with Martin Chatwin before being interrupted by the Watcherwoman in episode 1x13 “Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?”. Eliot and Margo go searching for Ember's help in episode 2x03 “Divine Elimination”.

Central Park

The monster and his sister discuss what happened in her time away and what they are going to do now in episode 4x12 “The Secret Sea”.

Fillory Hillside

On their way back to the castle, Margo and Eliot notice something strange and learn from some farmers that Fen and Josh were deposed hundreds of years ago and now the Dark King rules Fillory in episode 4x13 “No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry”. Margo and Eliot are getting drunk and lamenting their inability to get into the castle when some folks walk by and invite them to a party in episode 5x01 “Do Something Crazy”.