“Knight of Crowns” Filming Locations

Julia makes a deal with the Beast, Penny gets his hands healed (sorta), and our heroes are crowned kings and queens in their quest to save Fillory.

Series: The Magicians Season 2, Episode 1
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The Magicians episode "Knight of Crowns" was filmed in Vancouver & Squamish in Canada.
Show Map

Overlynn Mansion as Plover Mansion

They return to the Wellspring after everyone is healed by Alice's god powers to search for more clues.


Crash Crawly's as Play Center

Julia and the Beast wind up in a ball pit back on Earth and then discuss their deal.


6742 224 Street as Knife Maker's House

The gang returns to the house to come up with a plan after Juliet leaves with the Beast.


Sea to Sky Gondola Summit Lodge as Rainbow Bridge

The gang crosses a bridge covered in bright flowers on their way to the spot for the coronation.


Empty Lot off Cristal Falls Road as Coronation Spot

The gang arrives at the location for the coronation to find a slightly dead knight defending the crowns. After passing the test they proceed to coronate one another.


Widgeon Slough North Dock as Riverside Camp

Penny finds his magic is on the fritz and decides to head back to talk with the man by the stream again and Quentin talks to Alice about facing the Beast.


Magnesia Creek Waterfall as Waterfall beneath Castle Whitespire

The gang walks past a waterfall and up to the front of Castle Whitespire in their search for the armory.