“AKA Take a Bloody Number” Filming Locations

Luke and Jessica work together to track down Kilgrave by investigating the suppliers of the chemicals he is getting so Albert can develop a serum to enhance his abilities.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 1, Episode 12
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA Take a Bloody Number" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Public Restaurant as Niku Restaurant

Luke tries to attack Kilgrave as he is leaving with Albert but is quickly controlled.


Angel Orensanz Foundation as Delaney Hall

Jessica and Luke head to a nightclub where Kilgrave was seen using his powers on a large group of people only to find him waiting for them.


217 West 101st Street as Jessica's Apartment

Jessica is leaving with Luke when she sees Malcolm preparing to leave town.


44-02 23rd Street as Zalk Biochemical Technologies

Jessica questions a scientist about Kilgrave at a lab producing the chemicals Albert needs for his research.


Diego Salazar Art Gallery as Rooftop near Zalk

Luke and Jessica stake out Zalk Biochemical Technologies from a nearby rooftop and she asks about his experience with Kilgrave


West 106th Street & Amsterdam Avenue as Following Courier

Jessica and Luke follow Kilgrave's courier down the street.


Central Park West (between 70th & 71st) as Road near Park

Jessica leaves Luke when she follows the courier into Central Park.

The Mall (Central Park) as The Mall

Jessica follows the courier through Central Park.

Bethesda Terrace (Central Park) as Bethesda Terrace

Jessica follows the courier near the fountain but he impales himself on some garden sheers before she can stop him.


Tower 270 as Justin Boden's Condo

Kilgrave motivates his father using a blender to speed up his research into how to expand the powers.


Dry Dock 4 (Brooklyn Navy Yard) as Body Dump

Malcolm returns to show Robyn where her brother's body was dumped.


29th Street (between 47th & 49th) as Alley behind Delaney Hall

Jessica stops Luke from killing some police officers.