Movies Filmed at Bethesda Terrace

Part of Central Park
The Mall, New York, NY, USA
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Sitting at the end of The Mall and beside The Lake, Bethesda Terrace is a Central Park landmark. Constructed during the Civil War, the terrace contains ornate ceramic tiles and a fountain called Angel of the Waters designed by prominent American sculptor Emma Stebbins.

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Doctor Who

Rory Taken

On his way back getting coffee Rory is taken by the Angels in episode 7x05 "The Angels Take Manhattan".

The Avengers

Central Park

At the end of the film Thor takes Loki and the Tesseract back to Asgard and the rest of the Avengers team goes their separate ways.

Source: Daily Mail

Jessica Jones

Bethesda Terrace

Jessica follows the courier to near the fountain where he impales himself on some garden sheers in episode 1x12 "AKA Take a Bloody Number".

Person of Interest

Bethesda Terrace

Finch and Root locate Lawrence Szilard and question him about the location of the Machine in episode 2x22 "God Mode".


Bethesda Terrace

Giselle's song ends in front of Bethesda fountain.

Gossip Girl

From episode 1x03 "Poison Ivy".

Source: IMDb

Sex and the City

From episode #203 "The Freak Show".

Source: IMDb

Broad City

Bethesda Terrace

Ilana and Abbi come up with ideas while sitting by the fountain in episode 3x05 "2016".

Ms. 45

Bethesda Fountain

Source: Filmap


From episode 4x23 "Lady in the Squadroom".

Source: IMDb

The Sonnet Project

From episode № 104 "Sonnet #31".

Source: IMDb

New York Stories

From the segment "Life Without Zoe".

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb


From episode 1x13 "She Danced Only One Summer".

Source: IMDb

The Odd Couple

Felix and Melanie Metcalf sitting in front of Bethesda Fountain in episode 4x04 "That Was No Lady".

Source: IMDb


Bethesda Terrace

The team watches and discusses the video that Emily Connor posted the day before her suicide in episode 2x02 "Already Gone".