“Winter Is Coming” Filming Locations

Game of Thrones episode “Winter Is Coming” was filmed in the United Kingdom & Malta

Azure Window as Daenerys and Khal Drogo's Wedding

Malta's beautiful Azure Window can be seen behind Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding.

Tollymore Forest Park as Forest north of the Wall

A Night's Watch patrol is scouting north of the wall and is attacked by White Walkers. Some of the shots from this scene were originally shot for the unaired pilot and then reused in the first episode.

Source: Culture Addict/History Nerd (archived)

Doune Castle as Winterfell Hall

The Starks are visited by the king's party. Interiors were filmed here for the unaired pilot episode and then repurposed for the first episode, and then recreated in the studio for the remainder of the season.

Castle Ward as Winterfell Courtyard

Winterfell courtyard where the King's party arrives and is greeted by the Starks. An extensive set was constructed here and used throughout the first season which can be seen here.

Magheramorne Quarry as Castle Black

Three scouts from the Nights Watch ride out of the castle north of The Wall.