“Lord Snow” Filming Locations

Series: Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 3
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Game of Thrones episode "Lord Snow" was filmed in Mdina in Malta and United Kingdom.
Show Map

Fort Ricasoli as The King's Gate

The King's party returns to the city though this this gate.

Mdina Gate as King's Landing Gate

Catelyn and Ser Rodrik ride into King's Landing to investigate the attack on Bran.


Pjazza Mesquita as Littlefinger's Brothel

Lord Baelish shows Ned Stark to his brothel to see Catelyn who had snuck into the city.


San Anton Palace as Red Keep Stables

The Starks arrive at the Red Keep.


Magheramorne Quarry as Castle Black

Home of the Nights Watch at the base of The Wall where Jon Snow travels. Photos of the set constructed in the disused quarry can be found here. One of the quarry walls was painted to look like ice, all of the buildings around the courtyard were built (including several interiors) as well as a working elevator.


Leslie Hill Estate as Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki are riding through the plants when Daenerys dismounts and talks to her brother, who then assaults her.