Movies Filmed at San Anton Palace

Triq Sant Antnin, Attard, Malta
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San Anton Gardens from Game of Thrones
52 m

Mdina Gate from Game of Thrones
4.1 km

Pjazza Mesquita from Game of Thrones
4.1 km

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Game of Thrones

Red Keep Stables

The Starks arrive at the Red Keep in episode 1x03 “Lord Snow”. A number of the Starks' attendants are murdered by the Lannister soldiers while unloading some cargo from which Arya later recovers her sword in episode 1x08 “The Pointy End”.

Red Keep Hallway

Ned is walking through the keep when a messanger informs him that the small council is meeting in episode 1x05 “The Wolf and the Lion”. Varys and Littlefinger inform Ned that the Goldcloaks are under his control in episode 1x07 “You Win or You Die”.