“Limbic Resonance” Filming Locations

Sense8 episode “Limbic Resonance” was filmed in 7 cities across 7 countries.
Chicago & San Francisco in the United States of America, Berlin in Germany, London in the United Kingdom, Mumbai in India, Seoul in South Korea, Nairobi in Kenya, and in Iceland.

88 Hoehyeondong 2(i)-ga as Bak 투자회사 [Seoul]

Sun works as a CFO for her family's investment company in Seoul and must meet with an investor when her brother doesn't show up.

Mission Dolores Park as Pride in Park [San Francisco]

In a flashback, Nomi and Amanita encounter some terrible people during Pride early in their relationship.

Reeds 'C' Wharf as Nyx's Apartment [London]

Riley goes to Nyx's apartment with her two friends to experience that new drug only to have her friends turn on Nyx and attempt to steal his stash.