Movies Filmed at 88 Hoehyeondong 2(i)-ga

88 Hoehyeondong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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Bak 투자회사 [Seoul]

Sun works as a CFO for her family's investment company in Seoul and must meet with an investor when her brother doesn't show up in episode 1x01 “Limbic Resonance”. Sun reviews the financial documents and attempts to get a meeting with her father but is thwarted in episode 1x03 “Smart Money's on the Skinny Bitch”. Government investigators take boxes of evidence out of the company offices in episode 1x06 “Demons”.

Sun's Apartment [Seoul]

Sun cleans herself up after a night at the fight club and later practices in her gym in episode 1x04 “What's Going On?”.