“The Next Seduction” Filming Locations

Series: Nikita Season 1, Episode 14
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Nikita episode "The Next Seduction" was filmed in Toronto & Oshawa in Canada.
Show Map

Front Street West (between York & Bay) as Mailbox Signal

Ryan Fletcher draws a heart on a mailbox to signal Nikita.

Sunnyside Pavilion (Sunnyside Park) as Waterfront Pavilion

Ryan Fletcher arranges a meeting with Nikita near the waterfront.


International Marine Passenger Terminal as Border Crossing

Nikita drops Emil Voss off with the CIA agents at the border crossing.

Reesor Road (between Steeles & Old Finch) as Back Roads

Nikita rides after the vehicle transporting Emil Voss.

Pond off Reesor Road as Crash Site

Nikita comes upon the crashed transport vehicle and finds Emil Voss dead.

Enterprise Airlines (YOO) as Herndon Airport

Ryan Fletcher delays the Division agents while Nikita arranges for Ari Tasarov's people to arrive.