“Broken” Filming Locations

Series: Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 1
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Once Upon a Time episode "Broken" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and New York in United States of America.
Show Map

West 59th Street & 7th Avenue as Central Park Buggy

Neal Cassidy passes a horse and buggy in Central Park.


East 42nd Street & Madison Avenue as New York Intersection

Neal Cassidy crosses the street on his way back to his apartment.


5 Av/59 St Station as Subway Station

Neal Cassidy rides the subway to his apartment.


161 Mulberry Street as Neal Cassidy's Apartment (exterior)

Neal Cassidy arrives at his apartment in New York.

Moncton Street & Second Avenue as Storybrooke Intersection

Moncton Street (between First & Second) as Storybrooke Street

People in the town reunite with one another after their regain their memories.

John H. McDonald House as Mayor's Residence

It's Posh! as Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop

Pawn shop that Mr. Gold runs though out the series.