“We Are Both” Filming Locations

Series: Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2
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Once Upon a Time episode "We Are Both" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Moncton Street & Second Avenue as Storybrooke Intersection

Fort Langley Community Hall as Storybrooke Town Hall

John H. McDonald House as Mayor's Residence

It's Posh! as Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop

Pawn shop that Mr. Gold runs though out the series.

Marine Garage as Marine Garage

A Storybrooke citizen opens up the garage after everyone decides to stay in town.

Pieces as Shoes

A woman flips around the sign to Open.

Nikaido as Standard Clocks

A man puts up a poster advertising new wares.

Steveston Marine and Hardware as Storybrooke Hardware & Paint

The dwarves come out of the hardware store with their new picks.

Iona Beach as Beach

Emma and Mary Margaret are dragged down a beach by Mulan and Aurora.

Field near Lake (Deer Lake Park) as Refugee Camp

Emma and Mary Margaret are brought to Mulan and Aurora's camp.

Source: Canadianbacon