“Entangled Bank” Filming Locations

Sarah hooks up! Alison hooks up! Cosima hooks up! Helena doesn’t hook up! Delphine reports on Cosima and Aynsley doesn’t report on Alison. And then, tragedy strikes.

Series: Orphan Black Season 1, Episode 8
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Orphan Black episode "Entangled Bank" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Angus Glen Community Centre as Skating Rink

Alison goes to coach skating only to find Aynsley is trying to take over for her, she then sleeps with Aynsley's husband in the parking lot.

The Michener Institute as Maple Hill Memorial Hospital (interior)

After Olivier has is tail cut off he is treated at a hospital and then killed at the behest of Dr. Leekie.

Queen Street East & Morse Street as Kira Hit

After Helena takes Kira from Mrs. S's house to an alleyway, Kira is hit by a car when walking across the street back to Sarah.

The Michener Institute as U of M College of Biological Sciences

Cosima meets with Dr. Leekie in his limo outside her university.

Harper Hill Road & Prospectors Drive as Alison & Aynsley Fight

Alison and Aynsley get into a fight in the street after Alison is caught sleeping with Aynsley's husband.

R. Fraser Elliott Building (Toronto General Hospital) as Maple Hill Memorial Hospital (exterior)

Olivier Duval is held in the hospital after his tail was removed.