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222 Saint Patrick Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1V4, Canada
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162 McCaul Street from Nikita
46 m

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
244 m

Art Gallery of Ontario from Hannibal and 1 other movie.
255 m

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Orphan Black

U of M College of Biological Sciences

Cosima meets with Dr. Leekie in his limo outside her university in episode 1x08 "Entangled Bank".

Maple Hill Memorial Hospital (interior)

After Olivier has is tail cut off he is treated at a hospital and then killed at the behest of Dr. Leekie in episode 1x08 "Entangled Bank".

Brightborn (lab level)

Cosima infiltrates the Brightborn labs and learns the kind of experiments they are running in episode 4x05 "Human Raw Material".