“To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings” Filming Locations

Sarah and Helena go on a clone road trip! Also, Vic works to befriend Alison and Cosima does some more science with Delphine.

Series: Orphan Black Season 2, Episode 6
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Orphan Black episode "To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings" was filmed in Toronto & Mississauga in Canada.
Show Map

Beare Road (between Passmore & Plug Hat) as Road Trip

Sarah and Helena drive beneath some power lines.

Streetsville United Church as Cold River Archives

Sarah searches through the archives of the Cold River Institute to learn about Project LEDA.

The Franklin House as The Round Up Bar & Grill

Helena visits a bar while Sarah is busy in the church and meets a man before getting into a bar fight.

13 Minto Street as Ethan Duncan's House

Sarah tracks down Ethan Duncan to his house where he is being protected by Mrs. S.