“Matsya Nyaya” Filming Locations

Reese joins an armored car team when one of the guards' number comes up and Fusco comes under pressure from the higher ups in HR. Back in the past, Reese goes on his final CIA mission with Kara after getting a worrying call from Jessica.

Series: Person of Interest Season 1, Episode 20
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Person of Interest episode "Matsya Nyaya" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

The Old Town Bar as Bar

Reese helps Carter stop a crime at a bar.


Daryl Roth Theatre as Armored Car Pickup

Reese and the armored car crew pick up cash from a building.


Union Square Theater as Prank at Pickup

His fellow armored car crew members pull a prank on him after doing a pickup.


35th Street (between Starr & Bradley) as Fusco on Phone

Fusco talks to Reese on the phone and tells him about Lynch while waiting for his son.


Empire Diner as Ashley's Diner

Reese and the armored car team eat the diner where Ashley, Tommy's girlfriend, works.


West 22nd Street & 9th Avenue as Driving past Cleaners

The armored truck drives past a laundromat.


Seafarers & International House as OneState Bank

Reese and the armored car crew picks up a delivery from a bank.


105 East 16th Street as Regan Medical Supply

Reese stands outside talking to Finch while Tommy picks up something from inside.


South 6th Street (between Berry & Bedford) as Armored Car Attack

The armored car Reese is undercover with is attacked on the street.


Empty Lot off Beach Front Road as Ordos Gate

Reese and Kara leave the rest of the team and enter Ordos alone.


Kings County Hospital Center as Hospital

Reese is treated after he is shot during the armored car robbery.


Clement Clarke Moore Park as Hockey in Park

Fusco is sitting in the parking his son play hockey when Artie Lynch approaches him with a demand.


City View Inn as Royce Motel

Reese arrives at the motel looking for Tommy Clay and moments later Fusco arrives on a mission from Lynch.


113 Water Street as Boxing Gym (exterior)

Reese follows Tommy Clay's burner phone into a boxing gym.


Gleason's Boxing Gym as Boxing Gym (interior)

Reese finds Tommy Clay at a boxing gym and subdues him before Ashley arrives.