“Many Happy Returns” Filming Locations

Finch gives Reese the day off for his birthday while he looks into a case on his own and Agent Donnelly invites Carter along while he investigates a case from Reese's past.

Person of Interest episode “Many Happy Returns” was filmed in New York in the United States of America.

Overlook Bar as Bar

Finch meets Carter in the bar where Sarah Jennings works to introduce their new number be he decides to send her up to New Rochelle with Agent Donnelly instead.

Metropolitan Hospital Center as New Rochelle Hospital

In 2011, Reese goes to the hospital where Jessica worked only to learn that she died two months prior. Back in the present day, Carter talks to the medical examiner down in the morgue about Jessica's death.

28 Shore Road as Arndt House

Carter investigates Jessica Arndt's death with Agent Donnelly while a flashback shows the circumstances of her death.

55 Tiemann Place as Sarah Jennings's Apartment

Sarah Jennings sneaks into her apartment from the fire escape and finds Reese waiting for her.