“Masquerade” Filming Locations

Reese goes undercover as a bodyguard to defend the daughter of the Brazilian consul who might be in danger from her father's political adversaries or from her old wild nightlife.

Series: Person of Interest Season 2, Episode 3
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Person of Interest episode "Masquerade" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

New York City Bar Association as Paul Romano's Penthouse (exterior)

A man flies through the window of his apartment and crashes into a car on the ground.


Academy Mansion as Brazilian Consulate

Reese gets a job guarding their Number who is the daughter of the Brazilian ambassador.


Hugo Boss as Hugo Boss

Reese follows Sofia Campos while she is shopping and frames her bodyguard for shoplifting.


West 14th Street & 9th Avenue as Stealing Wallet

Reese steals the wallet of one of the other bodyguards applying for the position.


Motivo as Crimson

Reese accompanies Sofia and her friend Gabi to a nightclub and stops someone from getting embarrassing video of her.


Carlos Miele as Carlos Miele

Reese is watching Sofia Campos while she is out shopping but she slips out through the back of the store.


Hudson Street (between 13th & 14th) as Behind Carlos Miele

Reese follows Sofia out the back of the store where she snuck away.


Washington Street (between 13th & 14th) as Sofia Meets Jack

Reese runs after Sofia after she sneaks out of the store and sees her meeting with her secret boyfriend.


Metropolitan Hospital Center as New York Medical Examiner

Carter goes to the morgue to examine Alicia Corwin's body and sees Mark Snow leaving after doing the same thing.

Source: Permit List


East 20th Street (between 5th & Broadway) as Followed by Paparazzi

Reese is driving Sofia Campos when he notices a car following them that turns out to be filled with paparazzi.


Motivo as Club 225

Several gunmen try to kill Sofia Campos while she is looking for her friend Gabi at a nightclub.


Midtown Loft & Terrace as Paul Romano's Penthouse (interior)

Reese watches a video Sofia and her friend Gabi shot while in Paul Romano's apartment.


9th Avenue (between 13th & 14th) as Sofia Waits in Car

Reese returns to Sofia Campos and tells her that her friend Gabi is dead.

The High Line as The High Line

Reese takes Sofia Campos to the High Line to get some fresh air after she learns her friend has been killed.


East 63rd Street & Madison Avenue as Finch's Panic Attack

Finch is walking bear near the Library when he has a panic attack while crossing the street.


5th Avenue (between 62nd & 63rd) as Edge of Central Park

Reese hands Sofia Campos over into Fusco's protection before he heads out to do some investigating.


Academy Mansion as Museum

Fusco keeps an eye on Sofia during the event where her father announces his candidacy.


The Churchill as The Churchill

Reese and Carter go to the bar where the gang members who were following Sofia hang out.


East 29th Street & Madison Avenue as Street near Museum

Sofia sneaks outside to see her boyfriend but he hands her over to his criminal partner Monty.


East 102nd Street & 5th Avenue as Sofia Rescued

Carter and Reese rescue Sofia Campos and Fusco from Monty Spencer by ramming his car.


Midtown Loft & Terrace as Jack Hughes's Apartment

Reese confronts Jack Hughes with Sofia Campos and has him arrested. The scene on the balcony was filmed in the studio, but they used the actual backdrop from the terrace level.


5th Avenue (between 59th & 60th) as Finch & Reese Walk Bear

Finch and Reese discuss Root while taking Bear for a walk.