Movies Filmed at Metropolitan Hospital Center

1901 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10029, USA

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Originally the New York City Asylum for the Insane, the Metropolitan Hospital moved to its current location in 1955 from its former Roosevelt Island location. The 14-story Mental Health Building was added to the complex in 1966 as housing for psychiatric patients.

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Person of Interest

New York Unified Hospital

Elias visits Simmons in the hospital and has Scarface kill him in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”. Shaw takes on the role of a doctor to investigate their latest Number who has an inoperable brain tumor in episode 3x11 “Lethe”.


Root visits Fusco at the hospital where Fusco is being treated after the tunnel explosion in episode 5x07 “QSO”.

St. George Hospital

Reese heads to the hospital and sees Wendy McNally visiting her mother in episode 1x10 “Number Crunch”.

Source: Permit List

New York Medical Examiner

Finch takes Reese to the morgue and pays off a coroner to help with Reese's bullet wound in episode 1x11 “Super”. Carter goes to the morgue to examine Alicia Corwin's body and sees Mark Snow leaving after doing the same thing in episode 2x03 “Masquerade”.

Source: Permit List

New Rochelle Hospital

In 2011, Reese goes to the hospital where Jessica worked only to learn that she died two months prior. Back in the present day, Carter talks to the medical examiner down in the morgue about Jessica's death in episode 1x21 “Many Happy Returns”.

New Rochelle Police Department

Carter talks to a local detective about Peter Arndt's death in episode 1x21 “Many Happy Returns”.

Jessica Jones

River Bank Medical Center

Jessica accompanies Trish to the hospital after the experiment and explosion and she has a revelation about herself in episode 2x11 “AKA Three Lives and Counting”. Dorothy is convinced by a reporter to give a statement about Trish's condition and later Trish is moved down to the morgue for safety after the attack in episode 2x12 “AKA Pray for My Patsy”.