“Trojan Horse” Filming Locations

Espionage puts an executive at a networking company at risk while Cal investigation into the bad tip about Szymanski puts him in danger with HR.

Series: Person of Interest Season 2, Episode 19
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Person of Interest episode "Trojan Horse" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Walk near Grand Army Plaza (Central Park) as Central Park Meeting

Reese and Finch watch Monica Jacobs meet with Ross Haskell in the park.


South Corner (Central Park) as Beside the Lake

Cal Beecher and Alonso Quinn meets beside The Lake in Central Park and Beecher inquires as to where Quinn got the tip about Szymanski.


Colgate-Palmolive Building as Rylatech (exterior)

Reese watches Monica Jacobs waiting outside her office building.


Park Avenue (between 61st & 62nd) as Quinn meets Simmons

Simmons informs Quinn that Cal Beecher was seen meeting with Elias and Quinn tells Simmons to handle the problem.


West 133rd Street & 12th Avenue as Monica confronts Jerome

Monica Jacobs goes to confront Jerome Eckert about his spying and they are both shot at.


Cleantex as Sniper's Rooftop

A sniper fires upon Jerome Eckert and Monica Jacobs.


39-50 60th Street as Beecher's Drug Bust

Beecher is attempting to use a CI for a drug bust but ends up having to chase him into an apartment building.


Park Avenue (between 50th & 51st) as Street by Rylatech

Reese and Finch say goodbye to Monica Jacobs and Greer passes them by while talking on the phone.