“Nautilus” Filming Locations

Finch is drawn back in when the new number turns out to be a brilliant student involved in a dangerous and mysterious game.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 2
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Person of Interest episode "Nautilus" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Dorian Cafe as Diner

Finch is sent to a diner by Reese where Claire Mahoney is working on the game.


Davis Street as Shaw in Getaway Car

Shaw is waiting for her crew to finish a heist when Root gets into her car to chat.


North 6th Street (between Berry & Bedford) as Lost Dog Flyer

Finch follows Claire Mahoney to where she grabs a phone number off a flyer for a lost dog.


Empty Lot off West 137th Street as Nautilus Mural

Finch heads to the location from the flier and sees Claire Mahoney analyzing the mural.


7th Avenue (between 136th & 137th) as Reese & Finch in Car

Reese looks up information on Claire Mahoney after the incident at the mural.

Glen Span Arch (Central Park) as Glen Span Arch

Reese tracks Claire Mahoney to Central Park where he finds her standing in the middle of the road.


West 137th Street (between Frederick Douglass & 7th) as 184th & 3rd

Claire Mahoney forces Finch to hand over the hard drive from her dorm room.


Prime Time Plaza as OneState Bank

Shaw takes a call from Finch during another heist and heads out to help him at the coffee shop.


Toby's Estate Coffee as Toby's Estate Coffee

Shaw and Reese question the coffee shop employee who put up the flier.


283 Liberty Avenue as Biker Bar (exterior)

Claire Mahoney heads to a biker bar where one of the clues is hidden and is followed by one of the mercenaries when she leaves.


Van Sinderen Avenue (between New York & Liberty) as Alley by Biker Bar

Reese takes out some of the mercenaries before they can attack Claire Mahoney.


Empty Lot under Queensboro Bridge as Underneath Bridge

Finch talks to Root about the Nautilus game.


West 49th Street (between 5th & 6th) as Street by GE Building

Claire Mahoney walks down the street and heads into the GE Building observation deck entrance followed by two mercenary goons.


Bird S. Coler Hospital as Sniper's Window

Reese knocks out a sniper who was trying to shoot Claire outside 30 Rock.

30 Rockefeller Plaza (Rockefeller Center) as Top of the Rock

Finch tries one last time to convince Claire to stop her search while she searches for clues atop 30 Rock.


The Octagon as The Octagon Building

Claire follows the final clue to the Octagon where she is set upon by mercenaries and rescued by Samaritan.


Queens Plaza South & 23rd Street as Newstand

Finch tells Reese about the exposure of Silverpool's crimes.