“I Can't Leave Her” Filming Locations

Series: Sense8 Season 1, Episode 12
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Sense8 episode "I Can't Leave Her" was filmed in Reykjavík in Iceland and Chicago in United States of America.
Show Map

Keflavík International Airport as Keflavík International Airport [Iceland]

Will arrives in Iceland and picks up a car.

Hvalfjörður Tunnel as Tunnel [Iceland]

Riley is transported to the Biologic facility.

Nesjavallavegur (sharp bend) as Flying off Road [Iceland]

Will drives Riley past the same point and they spot a ghostly Angelica.


U-Haul Work Lofts as Nomi & Amanita's Apartment [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita help guide Will into the BPO facility.


Hill off Power Line Road as Hill above Car Crash [Iceland]

Riley and Will arrive on the same hillside while on the run from Whispers and Will attempts to talk Riley into not giving up.

Harpa as BPO Facility (garage) [Iceland]

The unconscious Riley is driven into the BPO facility and later she escapes with Will.

Nesjavallavegur (jiggly bit) as Winding Road [Iceland]

Will drives the sports car towards the BPO facility, and later he drives the van away.

Nesjavallavegur (long bit) as Road above Facility [Iceland]

Will seas Mr. Whisper's helicopter fly over the road to the facility.

Nesjavallavirkjun as BPO Facility (exterior) [Iceland]

Will goes to the secret facility to rescue Riley.

Íslensk Erfðagreining as BPO Facility (interior) [Iceland]

Will heads to the Biologic facility to rescue Riley with the help of all the other sensates.

Nesjavallavegur (in dip) as Sabotaging Car [Iceland]

Will gets out and sabotages his sports car, and on the way out the helicopter flies past his van.


Grafningsvegur Efri (between Nesjavallavegur & unnamed road) as Curve [Iceland]

Will drives away from the BPO facility.

Nesjavallavegur & Grafningsvegur Efri as Intersection [Iceland]

Will turns the van onto a road heading into the mountains.

Nesjavallavegur (near trailhead) as Helicopter Harassment [Iceland]

Mr. Whisper's helicopter flies right next to the van.

Nesjavallavegur (straight bit) as Helicopter Face-off [Iceland]

Wolfgang takes control of the van from Will to make a run at Mr. Whisper's helicopter.

Brokey Dock as Reykjavík Dock [Iceland]

Riley and Will pull away from the dock in Sven's boat after escaping the mountains.

Bay (near Engey) as Leaving in Boat [Iceland]

All of the sensates visit with Riley and Will as they take a boat out of Reykjavík.