“Happy F*cking New Year.” Filming Locations

Months go by and the sensates live their lives, some in hiding and some free, and adapt to their new circumstance while investigating the forces arrayed against them.

Series: Sense8 2016 Christmas Special
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Sense8 special "Happy F*cking New Year." was filmed in Nairobi in Kenya, Berlin in Germany, Positano in Italy, Chicago & San Francisco in United States of America, United Kingdom, Mumbai in India, and Mexico City in Mexico.

William Westerfeld House as Women's Building (upstairs) [San Francisco]

Nomi & Amanita hide in a secret compartment when Agent Bendix comes searching for them.


Alley (north of Kirinyaga Road, west of Voi Road) as Street [Nairobi]

Capheus walks down the street carrying a water bottle.


Monbijouplatz 12 as Lito's Condo (hot tub) [Mexico City]

Lito takes selfies in his hot tub.


Positano Bay as Bay [Positano]

Kala climbs out of the water and joins Rajan on the boat after swimming with the cluster.


City Lights Bookstore as City Lights Bookstore [San Francisco]

Agent Bendix visits Amanita at her work to ask questions about Nomi and issue threats.


Auto Yard as Work Yard [Nairobi]

Jela & Capheus work on repairing the old Van Damn.


The Island Farm as Cabin [San Francisco]


City Methodist Church as Abandoned Church [Chicago]

Will has a vision of Angelica while on heroin.


Women's Building as Women's Building (downstairs) [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita live in the Women's Building while hiding from Agent Bendix.


Zamora 75 as Lito's Condo (lobby) [Mexico City]

The three of them arrive to the condo to find a slur written on the wall and the entrance surrounded by reporters, and later they return to find Lito's code no longer works.


Villa San Giacomo as Villa [Positano]

Kala and Rajan have an argument at the villa they are staying at during their honeymoon.


Chippenham Park as 37 Milkwood [Cambridge]

Will sees Whispers spending time with his daughter and talks with Jonas.


Music on the Rocks as Beach Party [Positano]

Rajan hosts a birthday party on the beach for Kala.


Kibera Road (near Southern Bypass) as Road near Overpass [Nairobi]

Capheus celebrates his birthday and gets a new Van Damn from Silas Kabaka.


Billy Goat Hill Park as Billy Goat Hill [San Francisco]

Amanita takes Nomi out for a birthday picnic on a hill overlooking the city.


Salón de Baile los Ángeles as Salsa Club [Mexico City]

Lito, Hernando, and Dani go out dancing for Lito's birthday.


Porsche Centre Santa Fé as A2 Office [Mexico City]

Lito talks to his management team about the articles on his sexuality.


Nairobi Railway Station as Nairobi Railway Station [Nairobi]

Capheus and Jela drop off passengers downtown only to learn that several passengers want to continue to ride to get help from the spirit of Van Damme.


Calle Río Balsas 37 as Lito's Condo [Mexico City]

Lito returns to his condo to find all of his stuff emptied out and letter from the condo board kicking him out.


Schlesische Straße 39 as Locksmith Shop [Berlin]

Wolfgang takes Felix back to the shop after he leaves the hospital.


Oricon House as Kala & Rajan's Home [Mumbai]

A real estate agent shows Kala & Rajan a potential new home in the city.


InterContinental Hotel Marine Drive as Kala & Rajan's Home (pool) [Mumbai]

The real estate agent shows Kala & Rajan the swimming pool on the roof of their new home.


Mission Creek Houseboats as Near Bug's Houseboat [San Francisco]

Nomi & Amanita take shelter with Bug after leaving the Women's Building.


50 Liberty Dock as Bug's Houseboat [San Francisco]

Bug welcomes Nomi and Amanita into his houseboat.


Kibera House as Capheus's Home [Nairobi]

Capheus returns home to find Silas and Amondi there to have dinner with him and his mother.


Monbijoupark as Riverside [Berlin]

Kala visits Wolfgang and plays in the snow for the first time.


Sherman Park as Skating Pond [Amsterdam]

Riley takes Will out skating on Christmas.


Konzerthaus Berlin as Christmas Party [Berlin]

Wolfgang sits on the steps smoking when Felix arrives with a couple of ladies.


69 Deming Street as Turing House [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita return for Christmas dinner.


Capilla del Calvario as Cathedral [Mexico City]

Dani, Hernando, Lito, and his mother attend a Christmas celebration.


San Francisco City Hall as City Hall [San Francisco]

Nomi & Amanita attend a performance of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus with Amanita's family and the whole cluster.


5414 North Paulina Street as Michael Gorski's House (exterior) [Chicago]

Whispers shows Will his visit to Will's father on Christmas.


Palais am Pariser Platz as New Years Party [Berlin]

Wolfgang and Felix attend a New Years party next to the Brandenburg Gate hosted by Volker Bohm.


Nuevo Panteón Jardín as Hernando's Parents' Grave [Mexico City]

Lito goes with Hernando when he goes to visit his parents' graves on the anniversary of their death.


Hohenzollerndamm (between Mansfelder & Ruhrstraße) as Fireworks Street [Berlin]

Wolfgang and Felix wander down the street during the New Years celebrations and see a man gunned down in the street.