“Bugs” Filming Locations

Series: Supernatural Season 1, Episode 8
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Supernatural episode "Bugs" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

20113 72B Avenue as Oasis Plains Sinkhole

A construction worker falls through the ground and is killed by beatles.


74th Avenue & 201st Street as Following Matt

Sam and Dean watch Matt Pike get off the school bus and walk into the woods.

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC) as Department of Anthropology (exterior)

The brothers take the bones they found outside Oasis Plains to an anthropology professor for identification.


Queens Cold Beer Liquor & Wine Store as The Loading Dock

Sam talks to Dean about his hustling for money and then shows him their new case.


Canadian Motion Picture Park as Oklahoma Gas & Power Co.

Dean and Sam question a coworker of the victim about the mysterious death.


72nd Avenue & 201st Street as Entering Oasis Plains

The brothers drive around a street corner and into the new development.


7382 201st Street as Pike Family Home

Sam and Dean head to a BBQ at the developer's house to learn about the new town.


7347 201B Street as Empty House

Sam and Dean squat in an unoccupied home for the night.


7379 201B Street as Lynda Bloome's Home

The realtor Lynda Bloome is killed by spiders in her home.


Everett Crowley Park as Oasis Plains Woods

Sam and Dean confront Matt Pike while he is catching bugs in the woods and he shows them the burial mound.


Jardine Street (between Ewen & Salter) as Sapulpa Road

Sam and Dean drive into town and ask for directions to Joe White Tree.


Queens Cold Beer Liquor & Wine Store as Sapulpa Cafe

Joe White Tree tells the brothers about the history of the area where Oasis Plains is being built.