“Karma Chameleon” Filming Locations

Series: Timeless Season 1, Episode 13
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Timeless episode "Karma Chameleon" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
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The Royal Towers as Toledo Express Inn [1983]

Rufus and Wyatt head to the inn where Claire Gilliam met Joel Bender to stop the two of them from hooking up.

Lorne Mews as Alley

Anthony pulls Lucy into a doorway at their prearranged meeting spot.


The Royal Towers as Parking Garage

Lucy tells Denise what Anthony said and they agree upon a plan for when he destroys the mothership. Denise then shows the pictures she took of Connor Mason meeting with the Rittenhouse agent and Lucy identifies the man as her father.

Begbie Street (between Carnarvon & Clarkson) as Street

Anthony pulls Lucy along at gunpoint and plants her tracker in the briefcase of a passerby to evade detection.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as Toledo Express Airport [1983]

Wyatt and Rufus head to the airport in an attempt to intercept Claire Gilliam to save Wyatt's wife's life.