Movies Filmed at The Royal Towers

140 Sixth St, New Westminster, BC V3L 2Z9, Canada
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New Westminster City Hall from Arrow and 1 other movie.
112 m

The Law Courts from Supergirl
252 m

Begbie Square from Legends of Tomorrow
260 m

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Holiday Palace

The team heads to the hotel based on Lindsay Leikin's lead and Shawn leads them to the counterfeiter's room in episode 2x03 "Psy vs. Psy".

Legends of Tomorrow

Liverpool Pub [1977]

Zari follows Constantine to a pub where she finds him drowning his sorrows and talking to his mother who died giving birth to him in episode 4x03 "Dancing Queen".


Toledo Express Inn [1983]

Rufus and Wyatt head to the inn where Claire Gilliam met Joel Bender to stop the two of them from hooking up in episode 1x13 "Karma Chameleon".

Parking Garage

Lucy tells Denise what Anthony said and they agree upon a plan for when he destroys the mothership. Denise then shows the pictures she took of Connor Mason meeting with the Rittenhouse agent and Lucy identifies the man as her father in episode 1x13 "Karma Chameleon".