“Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames” Filming Locations

Jack and Emma return home with Izzy and attempt to figure out how to fit her into their life.

Series: You Me Her Season 2, Episode 1
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You Me Her episode "Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Maple Ridge Town Centre Parking Garage as Portland Airport (garage)

Izzy, Emma, and Jack walk to the car and then decide on seating arrangements for the drive.

9010 Nash Street as Amari House (exterior)

Lori comes next door on halloween to apologize for the trouble she caused with the Trakarskys.

9002 Nash Street as Matherfield House (exterior)

Lori comes into Ava's room to chat with her about Jack turning down his promotion and quitting.

9002 Nash Street as Amari House (interior)

Dave comes upstairs to find Carmen staring out the window at the Trakarsky house.

Thomas Haney Secondary School as Basketball Court

Jack shoots hoops with Dave and discusses his thing with Izzy and how its going to play out.

Billy Miner Alehouse & Cafe as Billy Miner Ale House

The trio drinks and commiserates over their friends' poor reception of their decision.


9013 Nash Street as Trakarsky House (driveway)

The trio walks from their house across the street to the party.