Movies Filmed at Maple Ridge Town Centre Parking Garage

11901-22499 Haney Pl, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6B2, Canada
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Memorial Peace Park from You Me Her
32 m

McIntosh Avenue (between 224 & Haney) from The X-Files
57 m

Jim's Pizza & the Look-Out Restaurant from Supergirl
95 m

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Parking Garage

Nia tracks down Menagerie after she has parted with the rest of the Elite and captures her with Kara & J'onn in episode 4x14 "Stand and Deliver".

You Me Her

Portland Airport (garage)

Izzy, Emma, and Jack walk to the car and then decide on seating arrangements for the drive in episode 2x01 "Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames".

The Millionaires Club

Mall Parking Garage