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2026 W 63rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6P 2J3, Canada
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Laburnum Street (between 63rd & 64th) from The Magicians
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WilMar Estate from Lucifer and 2 other movies.
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Casa Mia from Lucifer and 8 other movies.
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The Magicians

Quinn House (exterior)

Alice leads Quentin to a house outside Chicago where they can get more information on traveling in episode 1x10 "Homecoming". Quentin arrives at Alice's parents' house for her memorial in episode 2x06 "The Cock Barrens". Alice walks up to her parents' house and has to psych herself up to knock on the door in episode 3x03 "The Losses Of Magic". Appears in 1 more episode.

211 Ranch Road (interior)

Julia heads inside the woman's house and learns more about how she cast the banishment in episode 2x06 "The Cock Barrens".