“Chapter 2” Filming Locations

David heads to Summerland deep in the woods where Dr. Bird helps him control his powers and Ptonomy helps him delve into his memories.

Legion episode “Chapter 2” was filmed in Vancouver, Squamish, & Burnaby in Canada.

35 Gore Avenue as Dr. Poole's Office

David leaves after his session with Dr. Poole and sees Lenny across the street sitting on a stolen washing machine.

Cheakamus Centre as Summerland

David is taken to a facility in the woods where Dr. Bird and the others attempt to help him control his powers and examine his memories.

Field off Cloudburst Cescent as Childhood Field

Ptonomy guides David into his childhood memories of running through a field with his sister.

Deer Lake Park as Lakeside

Syd approaches David while he sits by the water and asks about the memory that upset him in and they talk for awhile.