“Chapter 1” Filming Locations

Legion episode “Chapter 1” was filmed in Vancouver, West Vancouver, & Burnaby in Canada.

Buchanan Tower (UBC) as Hiding

David hides from Kerry and Ptonomy who are following him after his phone call.

Music Building (UBC) as Walkway

David has a conversation with Syd while evading his pursuers where she tells him that this is all in his mind.

Walter C. Koerner Library (UBC) as Moor Trust Savings and Bank

David makes a call to the hospital to ask about Syd but has to flee when he sees Kerry and Ptonomy walking towards him.

Whytecliff Park as Shore

Syd and her team help David escape where he is being held and they escort him down to the beach where he meets Melanie Bird.

Youth Custody Services Centre as Interrogation Facility

David is interrogated in a fake police station constructed in an abandoned swimming pool.

5255 Heather Street as Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital

David leaves the mental hospital in Syd's body and sees three strange individuals getting out of a car.