Movies Filmed at Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Located next to the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Village Museum, & Art Gallery and featuring the popular Festival Lawn concert venue, Burnaby’s Deer Lake Park forms the artistic center of Burnaby as well as containing a number of picturesque paths and lawns.

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6522 Deer Lake Drive from The Magicians and 1 other movie.
326 m

6588 Deer Lake Avenue from Fringe
372 m

Deerholme from Legends of Tomorrow and 2 other movies.
412 m

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Lakeside Path

Philip and Carly walk through the park while they wait for the time to come in episode 3x03 "Protocol 3".


Coleman Park

A man is murdered in a park near the mental hospital in season 7 special "Psych the Musical".

Battlestar Galactica

Earth (inside Tomb of Athena)

A vision of Earth is seen while inside the Tomb of Athena in episode 2x07 "Home: Part 2".


From episode 5x04 "Cease Fire".

Source: IMDb



Syd approaches David while he sits by the water and asks about the memory that upset him in and they talk for awhile in episode 1x02 "Chapter 2".