“Chapter 4” Filming Locations

Syd searches for David's truth while he lays trapped in the astral plane.

Legion episode “Chapter 4” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Whytecliff Park as Beach

Amy and David play in a flashback while Amy tells Dr. Poole that they never had a dog as a child.

42 Begbie Street as Calvino Reality

Syd distracts David's old girlfriend Philly while Ptonomy goes through her memories looking into clues about David.

Arundel Mansion Hotel as Philly & David's Apartment

Ptonomy heads inside Philly's memories of her time with David.

Barnet Marine Park as Dr. Poole's Lighthouse

Kerry, Ptonomy, and Syd head to the home of Dr. Poole to find out more about David only to fall into a trap.