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Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2T3, Canada
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Whytecliff Park, right next to Horseshoe Bay, is a beautiful rocky beach and surrounding park. The most prominent feature of the park is a tidal island called Whyte Islet and great views of Howe Sound.

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Marine Drive (between Rockland & Odium) from Once Upon a Time and 1 other movie.
186 m

Former Graham House from The Twilight Saga: New Moon
708 m

6193 Nelson Avenue from iZombie
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Whytecliff Park

Grace finds Trevor meditating on the beach and convinces him to give some other solution a try. Later, Kat brings Grant to look over the water and tests his memory about that location in episode 3x07 "Trevor". Grant returns to the moment his host met Kat and advises her to give her current boyfriend another shot in episode 3x10 "Protocol Omega".


Marcy attends James Edward Bailey's funeral to give support to David who is giving the eulogy for his former client in episode 3x07 "Trevor".

Once Upon a Time

Fantasy Beach

Geppetto wakes up on the beach and finds Pinocchio turned back to wood in episode 1x20 "The Stranger".

Chantey's Lobster House

August Booth takes Emma to the store where he took her when they were children. Filmed at the concession stand in the parking lot. in episode 1x20 "The Stranger".


Lian Yu Beach

Oliver is rescued by a pair of fishermen from a remote island in pilot episode. Years ago Oliver lands on the beach after being shipwrecked in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father". Oliver returns to the island again to Thea to train her in episode 3x13 "Canaries". Appears in 4 more episodes.



Lena is giving a press conference about a nature preserve project when Rama Khan attacks in episode 5x07 "Tremors".


Mansion Beach

Rachel heads down to the beach to try and convince Adam to return to the shoot and later the crew watches footage of Rachel's freakout from the previous season in episode 1x01 "Return".

The Exorcist

Island Shore

Marcus finds Peter Osborne taking samples from the beach and asks him questions about the strange occurrences on the island in episode 2x04 "One For Sorrow".



Syd and her team help David escape where he is being held and they escort him down to the beach where he meets Melanie Bird in episode 1x01 "Chapter 1".


Young David and Amy play with their dog on the beach in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3". Amy and David play in a flashback while Amy tells Dr. Poole that they never had a dog as a child in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


V-World Beach

Beach where Zoe and Philomon talk in V-World in episode 1x07 "The Imperfections of Memory".

Test Site

Where Daniel attempts to get Zoe to acknowledge her presence by lighting a fire around her in episode 1x08 "Ghosts in the Machine".

Primeval: New World

Bay near Merison Oil

Two oil workers are taking readings when they are attacked by a giant snake. Later the team tracks the anomaly to the bay and lead the snake back into it in episode 1x02 "Sisiutl".



Ryn jumps into the water and later she returns with Eliza to convince her that Ben & Maddie can be trusted in episode 2x12 "Serenity". Ryn returns with another mermaid and later Eliza comes ashore with the Hunter in episode 2x14 "The Last Mermaid". Ryn orders the male mermaid to stay behind as she sends Eliza and the hunter back out to sea in episode 2x15 "Sacrifice". Appears in 1 more episode.

The Anachronism


Katie and Sebastian travel to this beach on their expedition and discover the squid-ship.