Movies Filmed at Barnet Marine Park

Barnet Marine Park, Barnet Hwy, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Former Gas Station from Agent Cody Banks
1.0 km

West Mall Centre from Battlestar Galactica
1.0 km

Lorne Davies Complex from The Day The Earth Stood Still and 1 other movie.
1.1 km

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Company Retreat

Shawn calls Gus at the company retreat where he is spending the weekend to schmooze his supervisor in episode 1x13 "Game, Set… Muuurder?".

Legends of Tomorrow

Ivy Town Park [1988]

A young Ray Palmer rides away from a group of bullies and encounters a strange creature when he takes shelter in a pipe in episode 3x03 "Zari".


Training Ground

Location where the Astraeus candidates go through physical training in episode #414 "Up in the Air".

Archimedes Lake

Edge of Archimedes Lake where the black whole appears in episode #420 "One Giant Leap…".

Battlestar Galactica

Laura Roslin's Heaven

Laura Roslin's family and friends were waiting for her on this shore as she dreamed she was going to heaven in episode #406 "Faith".


Dr. Poole's Lighthouse

Kerry, Ptonomy, and Syd head to the home of Dr. Poole to find out more about David only to fall into a trap in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".