“Alex” Filming Locations

Kara and Maggie are in a race against time when Alex is kidnapped by someone from the Danvers sisters' childhood and Rhea approaches Lena with some tantalizing technology.

Series: Supergirl Season 2, Episode 19
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Supergirl episode "Alex" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

MNP Tower as West National City Bank

Maggie is trying to negotiate with some band robbers who took hostages when Kara bursts in through the roof and takes them out herself.

Ellis Residence as Rick Malverne's House

Kara returns to the home of Rick Malverne where she finds a computer watching Alex and confronts Malverne.


Johnstone Boiler & Tank Ltd. as Wrong Warehouse

Kara heads the warehouse indicated by Alex's tracker but only finds a trap set by Rick Malverne.