“Ace Reporter” Filming Locations

Someone from Lena's past resurfaces to introduces a new high-tech product which is dangerous according to a tip Kara receives.

Series: Supergirl Season 2, Episode 18
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Supergirl episode "Ace Reporter" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Queen Elizabeth Theatre as Spherical Announcement

Kara attends a product announcement with Lena being put on by Lena's ex.

20175 100a Avenue as Vigilante Work

James finishes taking out a criminal and returns to the van to find Winn making out with Lyra.


Waterfront Pier as Parking Lot at Fourth & Main

Kara meets with the whistleblower from Spherical who tells her some important information before being killed.

21183 #105 88 Avenue as Liquor Store

James and Lyra stop a liquor store robbery where Lyra gets a bit too aggressive with the young criminal.

1436 Pendrell Street as Derrick Simmons's Apartment

Kara follows Snapper to a meeting with an informant and she has to swoop in when the nano-swarm attacks.

20146 100a Avenue as More Vigilante Work

James returns to the van after another bit of vigilanting and he apologizes to Winn and brings Lyra back onto the team.