“What Family Actually Means” Filming Locations

Capheus visits Silas Kabaka, Dani finds the perfect role for Lito, Riley continues her investigation with Diego, and Nomi attends her sister's wedding.

Series: Sense8 Season 2, Episode 9
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Sense8 episode "What Family Actually Means" was filmed in Nairobi in Kenya, Berlin in Germany, Chicago & San Francisco in United States of America, Seoul in South Korea, Mumbai in India, and Mexico City in Mexico.

The Julia Morgan Ballroom as Rehearsal Dinner [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita attend Teagan's rehearsal dinner and Nomi gives a speech against her mother's wishes.


Kibera House as Capheus's Home [Nairobi]

Capheus returns home and finds his house filled with election swag.


푸르지오밸리 (Prugio Valley) as J-Bak Summer Gala [Seoul]

Sun uses a fake ID to pick up a uniform for her brother's gala.


Schlesische Straße 39 as Locksmith Shop [Berlin]

Felix returns to the shop where Wolfgang is hiding out.


Love & Latte as Love & Latte [Mumbai]

Kala talks to her mother at a coffee shop about making a relationship work.


5539 North Wayne Avenue as Carol Cumberland's Home [Chicago]

Diego and Riley go to the home of Carol Cumberland looking for clues on her connection with BPO.


Grace Cathedral as Grace Cathedral [San Francisco]

Nomi, Amanita, and Bug arrive in the nick of time to Teagan's wedding ceremony which becomes very eventful when Agent Bendix turns up.


Siqueiros Dream as Lito, Hernando, & Dani's Apartment [Mexico City]

Dani works her magic to secure Lito a meeting about the perfect script for him.


Oricon House as Kala & Rajan's Home [Mumbai]

Ajay visits Kala at her home and delivers a belated wedding gift.


UIC Police Station (UIC) as 28th District Precinct [Chicago]

Diego and Riley are reviewing the evidence from the crime scene when Diego gets a call about Will's father.


Thorek Memorial Hospital as Hospital [Chicago]

Diego escorts Riley to the bedside of Will's dad so Will can say goodbye.


5539 North Wayne Avenue as Playing Catch [Chicago]

Young Will is playing catch with his father when his dad is called away.