Movies Filmed at Kibera House

Karanja Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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Capheus's Home [Nairobi]

Capheus returns home to find Silas and Amondi there to have dinner with him and his mother in 2016 New Year’s Special “Happy F*cking New Year.”. Capheus goes outside to buy some water only to hear about the increased prices in episode 2x03 “Obligate Mutualisms”. Three people from the Kenyan Democratic Reform Party come to Capheus's home and urge him to run for office in episode 2x05 “Fear Never Fixed Anything”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
Isolated Above, Connected Below

Capheus sees his mother being dropped off by Silas in the morning and she tells him about their budding relationship.

I Have No Room in My Heart for Hate

Capheus argues with his mother Shiro about running for office.

What Family Actually Means

Capheus returns home and finds his house filled with election swag.

If All the World's a Stage, Identity Is Nothing But a Costume

Capheus puts on a nice suit and heads outside to where his family and friends are waiting to head to the rally.

You Want a War?

Capheus sees four new sensates who attended his speech and later collapses from Wolfgang's torture while he is talking with his mother.