“Resist” Filming Locations

Kara and the team are resisting the Daxamite invasion while looking for a way to recover Lena and that dude from the mothership when the President and an old friend return to National City.

Series: Supergirl Season 2, Episode 21
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Supergirl episode "Resist" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Keefer Place Plaza as Invasion

Daxamites beam down from their ship to attack civilians while Rhea appears on a screen above.


Europa as NCPD

Maggie calls Alex while shooting some invaders outside the police station.

Blieberger Farm as Air Force One Crash

Kara lands in a field surrounded by remains of Air Force One with Cat Grant in her arms.

20146 100a Avenue as Alien Bar

Kara heads outside to clear her head and gets a pep talk from Cat Grant.

20146 100a Avenue as Cadmus Staging Area

Kara finds Lillian and agrees to team up to rescue Lena.


Shanghai Alley as Fighting Back

A group of civilians that have been penned in by Daxamites hear Cat's announcement and fight back.