Movies Filmed at Shanghai Alley

522 Shanghai Alley, Vancouver, BC V6B, Canada
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531 Carrall Street from Psych and 1 other movie.
24 m

Jack Chow Insurance Parking Lot from Backstrom
28 m

West Pender Street & Carrall Street from Supergirl
62 m

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The Magicians

Shanghai Alley

Kady and Pete search for the library storehouse but find an empty lot in its place in episode 5x01 “Do Something Crazy”. Fogg and Kady marvel at the Etheric Realm while high off their minds and notice a brown bunny trying to lead them somewhere in episode 5x04 “Magicians Anonymous”.


Fighting Back

A group of civilians that have been penned in by Daxamites hear Cat's announcement and fight back in episode 2x21 “Resist”.