“Eat a Knievel” Filming Locations

Liv eats the brains of a adrenaline junkie who was burned to death, Blaine comes for his father, and a shakeup occurs at Fillmore Graves.

Series: iZombie Season 3, Episode 8
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iZombie episode "Eat a Knievel" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Mulgrave School as Fillmore Graves

Major, Liv, and Clive are chatting outside when they see Vivian Stoll's helicopter explodes.

Alley (south of Powell, west of Dunlevy) as Alley outside The Scratching Post

Blaine watches as Don E accepts a shipment of brains outside the bar.


Seymour River Heritage Park as Old DeBeers Estate

Blaine takes his father to his family's estate and drops him into the well with a cement boot.


Grandview Substation as Wham Bams Gun Range

Liv and Ravi infiltrate a meeting of zombie believers at the gun range.