“The Eaters of Light” Filming Locations

Bill and the Doctor head back to the 2nd century to solve the mystery of the Roman 9th Legion and end up discovering something much more sinister at work.

Series: Doctor Who Season 10, Episode 10
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Doctor Who episode "The Eaters of Light" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Field above Blaengarw as The Devil's Cairn

In the present day, a young girl listens to the music inside the hill. Back in the 2nd century, Nardole and the Doctor find the same cairn containing a strange portal defended by a group of Picts.


Forest Fawr Country Park as Forest

Bill is searching the woods for signs of the Ninth Legion when she encounters a young Pict who chases her into a pit trap.


Porth Yr Ogof as Cave Entrance

Bill runs from the monster and climbs down into the hidden cave.


Clearwell Caves as Cave

Bill hides underground with the remainder of the Ninth Legion.