Movies Filmed at Clearwell Caves

Dean Forest and Wye Valley, 2 The Rocks, Clearwell, Coleford, Gloucestershire GL16 8JR, UK

Ancient Iron Mines

Nearby Locations
Puzzlewood from Doctor Who and 2 other movies.
979 m

Brian Cox Motor Engineering from Doctor Who
1.6 km

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Doctor Who

The Maze of the Dead

The group travels through this maze in an attempt to make their way to the crashed spaceship in episode 5x04 “The Time of Angels”.

Sycorax Spaceship

The aliens teleport the TARDIS aboard their spaceship in 2005 Christmas special “The Christmas Invasion”.

Bottom of the Pit

The Doctor talks to Satan at the bottom of the pit in episode 2x09 “The Satan Pit”.

Tunnels under Vesuvius

Donna and the Doctor travel down some tunnels to the center of the mountain in episode 4x02 “The Fires of Pompeii”.


Bill hides underground with the remainder of the Ninth Legion in episode 10x10 “The Eaters of Light”.