“Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2” Filming Locations

Clive finds the killer of the Reid family and Katty Kupps while the zombie plan for the city comes to fruition.

Series: iZombie Season 3, Episode 13
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iZombie episode "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Philip Avenue (between 21st & 22nd) as Out for a Walk

Two women are out walking with babies when they see half of one of the Fillmore Graves zombies crawling down the street.

St. James Anglican Church as Bell Square Church

Johnny Frost reports from the vaccination center and sneaks to the front of the line to get his shot.


1415 Keith Road as Gold House

Liv has a vision of Katty Kupps's murder and when she goes to investigate she overhears talk of the zombie plan for Seattle.

657 37th Avenue West as James Doohan Elementary

Liv spies on the Fillmore Graves mercenaries as they inject zombie blood into the vaccine supply.

348 Powell Street as Gun Store

A gang of humans loot a gun store.

657 37th Avenue West as Saint Thomas Medical Center

Major scratches people dying at the hospital to turn them into zombies and save their lives.


Oppenheimer Park as Fort Winning Park

Fillmore Graves distributes brains the new zombies in a park and a group of human decide to attack.

657 37th Avenue West as Classroom

Floyd Baracus is reading to a classroom of kids when Peyton gets the call about the battle at the park.