“Are You Ready for Some Zombies?” Filming Locations

Liv munches on the brains of a Seahawks super-fan who was killed while working at a brain processing plant while Ravi deals with the aftereffects of the vaccine and Major takes on new responsibilities at Fillmore Graves.

iZombie episode “Are You Ready for Some Zombies?” was filmed in Vancouver & North Vancouver in Canada.

Molson Brewery as Brain Factory

Clint Hicks is working the factory line while complaining about zombies and is later found dead in the grinder vat.

Oppenheimer Park as Fort Winning Park

Blaine meets up with Chase Graves and tells him some tidbits from the streets before seeing the zombie guillotine.

North Shore Studios as Brain Factory (parking lot)

The police show one of their suspects footage of his graffitied car pulling into the parking lot outside the crime scene on the night of the murder.

Hollywood Theatre as Triple Cross Church

Angus walks into a church claiming to save zombies and turns the zombie congregation to his side after killing the priest.