Movies Filmed at 657 37th Avenue West

657 W 37th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K6, Canada

Along with the building across the street, this building was constructed in the 1950s for the Worker’s Compensation Board and then transferred to the RCMP in the 80s as an expansion of the RCMP’s ‘E’ Division headquarters. The building has been in control of the Public Health Services Authority since 2014 after the RCMP moved to their new Surrey headquarters and has been popular with film productions since then.

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Old School

The team finds themselves locked up and interrogated in an old school in episode 2x01 “Ave Machina”.

46 Henderson Avenue (exterior)

A group of construction workers are preparing a building for demolition when they discover bodies buried inside in episode 2x03 “Jacob”.


Kasnian Industrial Area

Oliver and Slade arrive in Kasnia and meet with Nylander, one of Slade's old contacts, to get some information about his son in episode 6x05 “Deathstroke Returns”.

Kasnian Prison

Oliver heads to the prison in an attempt to negotiate for the release of Slade's son in episode 6x05 “Deathstroke Returns”.

Jackals Hideout

Slade cuts a path through the Jackals base of operations before he finds Nylander with a bunch of goons in episode 6x05 “Deathstroke Returns”. Slade offers to join the Jackals after finding his son in charge in episode 6x06 “Promises Kept”.

Legends of Tomorrow

Dr. Boardman's Classroom [1975]

The team visits an expert in Vandal Savage and learn his true identity in pilot episode “Pilot, Part 1”.

Ivy Town University [1975]

Stein, Sara, and Jax head to the university to borrow Stein's alpha particle tracker from his younger self in pilot episode “Pilot, Part 2”.

USC [1967]

The Legends track to the spear to the university where they find Rip Hunter shooting a movie about them with George Lucas. After Darhk and Merlyn attack the team must convince Lucas not to abandon filmmaking to save the future in episode 2x09 “Raiders of the Lost Art”.

Ivy Town Rec Center [1988]

Young Ray runs through the government lab setup in an old building and ends up getting killed in episode 3x04 “Phone Home”.

Ivy Ridge Middle School [1988]

Zari and Ray watch the school for young Ray and later Sara searches for Ray before being attacked by the Dominator in episode 3x04 “Phone Home”.


James Doohan Elementary

Liv spies on the Fillmore Graves mercenaries as they inject zombie blood into the vaccine supply in episode 3x13 “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”.

Saint Thomas Medical Center

Major scratches people dying at the hospital to turn them into zombies and save their lives in episode 3x13 “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”. Clive races into the hospital looking for Dale in episode 5x13 “All's Well That Ends Well”.


Floyd Baracus is reading to a classroom of kids when Peyton gets the call about the battle at the park in episode 3x13 “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”.

KCEW (exterior)

Enzo Lambert arrives with his Fillmore Graves goon who soon have to defend the studio from the Dead Enders in episode 5x13 “All's Well That Ends Well”.

Fillmore Graves Basement

Major is escorted to the basement to be turned into a feral zombie but is helped by a friendly Fillmore Graves soldier in episode 5x13 “All's Well That Ends Well”.


4th Street Precinct (interior)

Alex, J'onn, and Manchester Black stop a pair of mind-controlled aliens from attacking a police station but when Kara joins in the fight her suit starts to fail exposing her to more Kryptonite in episode 4x04 “Ahimsa”.


Kara confronts Manchester and Hat outside the jail and finds them backed up by Menagerie and one of the Morae in episode 4x13 “What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”.

Midvale High School

Kenny shows Brainy to the science lab to build a 3D printer and asks him to stay out of sight in episode 6x05 “Prom Night!”. Alex drops Kara off at prom and Kara tries to have a serious talk with Kenny but is interrupted by a meteor in episode 6x06 “Prom Again!”.

The Exorcist

Somerset General Hospital

Tomas and Marcus are brought to the hospital after the demon inside Cindy starts to cause a ruckus in episode 2x02 “Safe as Houses”.


Lockman Aerospace [1969]

Flynn heads to an aerospace company to steal the tape needed to hack into the NASA computer systems in episode 1x08 “Space Race”.

Flynn's Warehouse

Flynn wakes up when Emma Whitmore walks into tell him that two more of their people left the cause in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.


Division Three (exterior)

The group arrives at the Division Three base where most of the soldiers are already dead in episode 1x05 “Chapter 5”.