“Last Days of Books” Filming Locations

Younger episode “Last Days of Books” was filmed in New York in the United States of America.

The Woods as Bar

Lauren takes Kelsey out so she can move on from Thad and while Kelsey strikes out, Lauren meets an old friend from her childhood and hits it off with him.

Gran Morsi as Italian Restaurant

Kelsey and Liza come to help Lauren in the middle of her breadstick binge/freakout over sleeping with her childhood friend.

Bank of America Tower as Empirical Press (exterior)

Liza talks to Michelle on the phone and talks to her about the investment in the bookstore.

Air Pegasus Heliport as Helipad

Liza calls Maggie on the phone to freak out while heading to the helicopter with her coworkers.

Hempstead House as New Jersey Park

The members of the book club wait for the helicopter to land only to watch it fly away.