“Burnt Food” Filming Locations

Dr. Shaun Murphy is heading for his first day at work when he witnesses an accident at the airport and his old mentor Dr. Aaron Glassman fights for his hiring with the hospital's board.

Series: The Good Doctor Season 1, Episode 1
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The Good Doctor episode "Burnt Food" was filmed in Vancouver & Squamish in Canada.
Show Map

37992 5 Avenue as Shaun's Home

Shaun packs up and prepares to head off to the airport.


Cleveland Avenue (between Winnipeg & Victoria) as Casper Main Street

Shaun walks down the street on his way to the bus stop.

Deltaport Way as Bus on Highway

The bus from Casper to Cheyenne drives down the highway.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as Cheyenne Regional Airport

Shaun gets off a bus and catches a plane to San Jose.

BC Place Stadium as San Jose International Airport

Shaun arrives in San Jose and witnesses an accident at the airport and works to save a teenage boy.


Mountain View Cemetery as St. Bonaventure Hospital (board room)

Dr. Glassman has to justify his hiring of Shaun to the hospital's board.


Vancouver Community College as St. Bonaventure Hospital

Shaun is locked out of the hospital when he tries to tell the other doctors to perform an ultrasound.


West Coast Railway Heritage Park as Train Yard

Shaun follows Steve and a bunch of other kids to an abandoned train yard where Steve falls to his death.